Excel through key stages in the customer acquisition process where others fail

All businesses essentially have the same goal—to create a customer. However, as simplistic as that sounds, execution is anything but simple. The barrier is raised significantly by factors such as brand trust, market adoption, buyer psychographics, and competitive positioning. If not factored into your marketing you’ll blow time and budget, and you won’t engage your prospects—or worse, you’ll drive them right to your competitors.

Oxbow Marketing helps companies more effectively create and retain customers by excelling through pivotal stages in the customer acquisition process where others often fail. Our marketing services are focused on three primary areas:

Whether we’re working across multiple areas or on a single project, our approach is always in tune with our client’s market dynamics and sales and marketing strategy.


ROI from an ROI tool
Developed an Excel-based ROI tool that helped client's sales force close three Fortune 500 accounts within the first four months of use

Lead generation vs. lead conversion
Created an innovative online program that resulted in a 28% conversion from lead to pipeline when prior activities were converting fewer than 5%