An oxbow is a bow-shaped bend in a river where the current runs deep and still.

Oxbow Marketing helps companies better target, inform, engage, and ultimately influence their customers to do business with them. We create smart, targeted, and compelling marketing that spans all media and outbound methods. Virtually all our clients come from referrals, and we are hired as often by sales executives as we are by marketing executives, CEOs, and boards of directors. That’s because over and over we’ve proven our ability to create clever marketing that is strategically spot-on and executed flawlessly, and gets results.

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The proof is in the pipeline
Developed a multi-touch campaign that increased sales pipeline 9-fold in 12 months

Creating a brand without a budget
Without spending any budget on corporate branding, built a highly visible, respected brand for a start-up entering an entrenched market; created market perception of a company 10 times its size